Monday, November 25, 2013

Knit Beards

My office is doing the No Shave November charity of the Second Harvest Food Bank.  The guys have been growing their facial hair as best they can.  I decided the women needed to participate so I knit some beards this weekend.  I had some takers!


I used Lion Brand Fun Fur and knit them on the Brother 270 knitting machine:

Tension 6.
Cast on 40 and knit 4 rows.  Carriage on right.
Put L7 to L20 in hold and knit across
Put R 7 to L20 in hold and knit across.
Short row and put one needle back in work on each row but also wrapping the needle next to the carriage.  Short row back to the end needles, wrapping needle next to carriage to prevent holes.
Cast off from R6 to L6 and put these needles out of work.
With carriage on left, set carriage to Hold.  Put in hold R7-R20.
Knit across from left to right.
E-wrap L6 to R 6.
Hand knit R7-R20.
Cancel hold.  Pull all needles forward and knit across and knit 4 rows.
K 1 row T10 and cast off last row.
Crochet a chain of 12 stitches and attach to top corner of beard.  Repeat for other side.

Beard is worn with the stockinette side facing you as this side will curve toward your face.


This beard can be attached to a cap or worn over the ears via the loops.


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Slisen said...

How fun! Thanks for the pattern.